Sunny S Gutierrez | Trainer Profile

Sunny S Gutierrez

  • Vancouver, WA

Core Components

  • How to work with different responses to conflict
  • How to negotiate with difficult behaviors
  • What it takes to build effective workgroups
  • Communicating clearly for understanding
  • Understanding the hidden costs of conflict
  • Building trust as a leader
  • Ethical persuasion
  • Mediation – not Meditation!


Sunny S Gutierrez has been working with workplaces and organizations for over 17 years supporting a culture of healthy communication in the interest of reducing stress and promoting sustainability.  As a mediator, facilitator and trainer, she knows firsthand how we can’t change others but we can change how we react.  She brings experience and stories from working with non- and for-profit entities including small businesses and governmental organizations.

Sunny was an adjunct instructor with the University of Hawaii offering instruction in communication and conflict resolution and is currently teaching Leadership at the Carson School of Business at Washington State University Vancouver.

Sunny has a Master’s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Management from California State University Dominguez Hills, an undergraduate degree in Business from California State Polytechnic University Pomona and has been a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution for 15 years.  She is currently President Elect and has served as a section leader for the Workplace Section.  She is an advanced Toastmaster and a former member of Soroptimist International as well as a past Commissioner with Maui County Boards and Chairman of School Community Councils.