Matti Neal, CHW | Trainer Profile

Matti Neal, CHW

  • Vancouver, WA
  • $100 per 1 hour training plus mileage and accommodation if needed
  • 360-901-6329
  • English

Core Components

The importance of Resilience

  • Building physical, emotional, spiritual and mental resilienc
  • Creating new habits of thinking
  • Transformation vs change; Caterpillar and butterfly
  • Shifting from brain knowledge to heart of compassion


Matti Neal is a seasoned professional combining consulting, directing and training expertise to parents, families and communities from diverse groups in Clark and Multnomah Counties. She is trained and actively involved as a Community Health Worker with training in Social Justice and Equity, a Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Adverse Childhood Experience, Resilience (NEAR) Expert Presenter & Coach Educator, certified as a Co-Occurring Disorder & Treatment facilitator, Community Advocate, Youth and Family Peer Support Counselor, Whole Health-Action Management Trainer and Parenting Instructor, Life and Skill building coach and a Professional Health Care Provider.  She is a board member of the National Alliance of Mental Initiative (NAMI) and Southwest Behavior Health Advisory, and a member of Healthy Living Collaborative Southwest Washington Policy Committee. She is presently studying for a degree in Behavior Health (Mental Health, Social Work, Addiction and Counseling) at Mt Hood Community College.  She is a retiree of US Postal Services