Kelly Anderson | Trainer Profile

Kelly Anderson

  • Portland Metro Area
  • Fees vary, contact trainer for more information.
  • 503-862-3107
  • English

Core Components:

  • Anger, rage and violence
  • De-escalation for children and teens
  • Trauma informed de-escalation for schools
  • Managing difficult consumers
  • In-custody behavior management strategies
  • SAMHSA Trainer:  "How being trauma informed improves criminal justice system outcomes"


Kelly Anderson is a co-director of Criminogenic Solutions LLC. She has worked as clinical mental health staff in both male and female prisons and two county jails. Kelly has a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Gonzaga University. Kelly is trained to administer the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-R) and specializes in inmate behavior management. She has facilitated specialized housing units including intensive management, served on teams responding to incidents of sexual assault in custody and has extensive experience working with violent offenders. Kelly has worked as a crisis responder and has spent additional serving specialized populations such as veterans, children and teens.

The mission of Criminogenic Solutions, LCC is to integrate mental health with corrections, law enforcement and criminal justice systems through training and consultation. Criminogenic Solutions, LLC offers a range of trainings and will customize content based on individual, group or agency needs including adaptation to health care, education and social service organizations.