Jodi McVittie | Trainer Profile

Jodi McVittie

  • Washington State
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  • 206-782-1595
  • English

Core Components

• Resilience
• ACES and attachment
• Brain science
• Many practical tools for building resilience in young people and ourselves. Useful for educators, parents and community.
• Connection before correction
• Encouragement tools
• Firmness tools


Jody McVittie, MD is the co-founder and Executive Director of Sound Discipline, a non-profit that trains educators, youth outreach programs, early childhood educators, and parenting educators in trauma-informed practices to improve outcomes. A lead trainer for the Positive Discipline Association and co-author of the Positive Discipline in the Classroom and School series, she has consulted for dozens of schools and organizations including trainings in Spanish, for First Nations Communities and for a school for the deaf. Her dream is to build healthy communities by supporting educators, students and parents to build and/or rebuild relationships founded on deep mutual respect.

Comment from a recent resilience workshop attendee:
“I would recommend this workshop in a heartbeat. After teaching 20+ years, it is time for a change in how I work with students. This is the first step. Thank you” Teacher, Ogden Elementary, Vancouver