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Delena Meyer

  • Vancouver, WA
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  • 360-281-4743
  • English

Training Overview

Our training, coaching, and consulting centers around trauma-informed approaches to systems change, youth-driven prevention, strategic communication for prevention & public health, executive & team coaching.


We help teams develop science-informed ideas for trauma-informed communities…

Way Enough Decision Coaching delivers expert training, coaching, and strategy for people who are making waves, serving clients, or want to build trauma-informed communities. We know that past experiences affect future decisions. Topics may include the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study, impacts of toxic stress, organizational dynamics, employee and staff resilience, or trauma-informed outreach to target populations.

Bringing trauma-informed approaches to social problems improves cohesion and function of teams, program staff, and system administrators. ACEs and trauma training can build capacity across all levels of a system by linking concepts with coaching and support around issues related to safe communication, resilience, empathetic management, modeling self-regulation, and staff self-care.