Corina McEntire, MPA | Trainer Profile

Corina McEntire, MPA

  • Vancouver, WA
  • $125/hour
  • 360-952-3361
  • English

Core Components

  • ACES Impact on Executive Function Skills
  • Expertise in Mindfulness as a Promising Strategy to Mitigate ACEs and Stress


Corina McEntire is the Professional Development Manager of Child Care and Early Learning at Educational Service District 112 in Vancouver, Washington. She has over twenty years of experience working with children and families and obtained her Master of Public Affairs Degree from Washington State University. Corina’s expertise is in relationship-based work, reflective practice, and most recently mindfulness practice supporting executive functioning in children and adults. Spanning her career, Corina has a range of field experience including working as a PAT-certified EHS home visitor, coordinating a community-wide Born Learning Campaign, training child care and K3 educators, and developing family support programs. Her work leading professional development with Early Head Start, Washington State’s ECEAP preschool program, Child Care Aware/Early Achievers and P3 initiatives positions her to work with a variety of professionals in the field. Corina’s current work with the Harvard University’s Center for the Developing Child – Frontiers of Innovation community connects to her passion for developing innovative approaches that address root causes of inequity and disadvantage for children and families. Additionally, Corina manages a school-based project with Portland State University. This research and evaluation study examines innovative practices in classrooms using mindfulness.