Kendra Harding, MA, LPC | Trainer Profile

Kendra Harding, MA, LPC

  • Portland Metro Area
  • Fees vary, contact trainer for more information.
  • 503-862-3107
  • English

Core Components

  • Human trafficking
  • Complex trauma and behavior
  • Impact of trauma on communication
  • Human trafficking and trauma informed care

Kendra Harding is a trainer for Criminogenic Solutions LLC.  Kendra is a licensed professional counselor in Oregon with a master’s degree in forensic psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  Kendra worked as a mental health clinician in the Cook County Sheriff’s Women’s Justice Program in Chicago and provided comprehensive trauma-informed mental health and substance services in a correctional facility to women who had been sex trafficked or involved in the sex industry.  Kendra currently practices community mental health in Portland, OR.

The mission of Criminiogenic Solutions, LLC is to integrate mental health with corrections, law enforcement and criminal justice systems through training and consultation.  Criminogenic Solutions, LLC offers a range of trainings and will customize content based on individual, group or agency needs including adaptation to health care, education and social service organizations.