About the ACEs Action Alliance

The ACEs Action Alliance is a multi-sector collaborative of individuals and public and private organizations that work together to promote a trauma-informed, resilient Clark County. We align efforts to educate and raise awareness about the impact of trauma and toxic stress, we assess needs and progress, and we promote individual, family and community resilience. Our membership includes 60 organizations and 200 individuals who represent schools, health care, social, mental and behavioral health services, business, the faith community, law and justice, government, and youth-serving organizations. We welcome people of all ages, we seek diversity, and we encourage the voices of those touched by adversity, trauma, and toxic stress. We meet monthly and welcome new members. Please see the calendar for the date of our next meeting.

Our Mission

The ACEs Action Alliance promotes resilience and hope by aligning the efforts of diverse community sectors to identify and prevent the causes and impacts of adverse childhood experiences.


Clark County is a nurturing, compassionate, and caring community where resilient children, families, and neighborhoods grow and thrive.


The ACEs Action Alliance builds relationships founded on trust, compassion, and respect. We employ creativity in our approaches and use our courage to break barriers.

Our Efforts

Data-Driven/Evidence-Informed Work

We identify both community resources and needs and we share this information with our community members. We define and monitor appropriate and measurable outcomes to assess the impact of our collaborative efforts.

Aware and Educated Community

We create a shared understanding of brain development and the causes and impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences through community outreach and education. We foster action to promote trauma-informed practices and resilience.

Cross-Sector Collaborations

We engage and mobilize community leaders to foster connection, communication, and commitment to reduce and mitigate the causes and impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences across all sectors of our community.

Trauma-Informed Organizations

We educate and encourage local organizations to establish trauma-informed policies, practices, and environments.